Welcome to the official web site of the Toronto Shyness and Social Anxiety Support Group. We are a support group for those who experience anxiety or discomfort around other people, whether in large gatherings, small groups, or one-on-one.

Use the site menu on the left side of the page to discover more about us, including our weekly meetings, recommended books on overcoming social anxiety, valuable articles, sources of professional help, and links to related sites.

We hope that this site will be a beneficial starting point for those, in Toronto and elsewhere, who have social anxiety.

Regular meetings
Our meetings take place every Saturday at 5pm. To RSVP and receive location information, join our group at Meetup.com. You can also participate in discussions and receive regular annoucements.

Code of Conduct
Our code of conduct provides guidelines on member interaction to ensure that the group environment remains positive and respectful.  
Email Message Forum on Yahoo Groups
If you prefer Yahoo, you can also be notified of meetings and events through our Message Forum on Yahoo Groups. Note: if you join us on Meetup.com, there is no need to join the Yahoo group as well.

Groups at Meetup.com
In addition to our own group, there are several related support and social groups organized through the Toronto site of Meetup.com.

You can use these links to view and join in:

There are many other social groups at Meetup.com based on members interests. Do a search to find something that you like. It's the best way to safely increase your social exposure and to make new friends.

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